Research & Development team will also continue to develop algorithms to detect different type of Health&Wellbeing conditions and effectively expand the utilization of the ANUME solution. We are working on currents capabilities:

  • Frequency and level of heart activity - beat-to-beat monitoring, HRV (RMSSD, HRVI, PNN50, LF/HF ratio)
  • Respiratory rate, respiratory effort, eventual respiratory difficulties determination
  • Body micro movements, restlessness, sleep micro-movements

- Detailed study of arrhythmias, fibrillations
- Relative changes in intrathoracic pressure
- Time of aortic valve opening
- Monitoring changes in aortic elasticity
- Pulse wave propagation and others
- COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
- Asthma and cystic fibrosis
- Pneumonia and apnea
- Respiratory sleep disorders
- Mental diseases - Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patients suffers from sudden changing of their behavior and mood which is related to the progression of their disease and changes in their cognitive functions. ANUME can vital signs and unconscious micro-movements monitoring for enabling accurate correlation between digital values and progression of disease (evidence, treatment or medication success).

According to the cooperating with Science&Research centers and overal medical experts, we are defining wider porfolio of the options.