Shape the Future – eHealth Transformation

Microsoft is committed programm to innovate new and cutting-edge solutions that help make healthcare more personal, affordable, effective, and accessible while continuing to improve the patient and clinician experience.

P4 Precision medicine Accelerator Programme

P4 accelerate the world’s leading Precision Medicine companies to support through development, regulation, investment, adoption and scale to UK and international markets to innovate and advance the healthcare landscape.

The P4 creates a new and unique ecosystem to facilitate the scale and adoption of precision medicine SMEs by providing access to unparalleled expertise in genomic profiling, drug targeting, disease marker discovery, diagnostics/companion diagnostics, clinical trials design and delivery, software development, engineering, artificial intelligence, regulatory compliance and health data.

Involvement of smart technologies in the care

The project is focused on the involvement of smart technologies in the care of the elderly in order to increase their quality of life and reduce the care burden both in informal home care and in residential facilities. Specifically, a system will be developed to integrate data from sensors for detailed biosignal measurement.

Hack the Crisis

The goal of the Programme was to coordinate the needs of the state with energy and volunteering in the IT community and business environment and thus support the implementation of relevant projects that can help in a crisis situation or mitigate its effects.

Smart solutions across continuous care

The aim of Research Programm- Smart solutions across continuous care for the elderly (Smart Care) is to reduce the burden on caregivers, increase the quality of care and safety of clients and analyze their condition in connection with various neurodegenerative diseases and currently also the disease Covid-19.